Ewash is a commercial and retail laundry and home cleaning service provider. We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals working round the clock to ensure that your garments are cleaned using apt processes. At ewash we work to provide one simple, consistent, high-quality solution to take care of everything in your closet and we make it possible by using premium products like Downy fabric softener. We are committed to using eco-friendly methods and solvents to take greatest care of your clothes while maintaining the quality and providing exceptional service. Apart from taking greatest care of your clothes, ewash also has expertise in taking care of your “home cleaning”. Be it your clothes, carpets, floor, furniture, curtains, or your car, we do it all.


All of our ewash stores use a “closed loop” system that keeps 100% of all solvents and related gases from escaping into the atmosphere, and our “wet cleaning” machines use water-not    perchloroethylene – to emulate hand washing.

The results are superior cleaning and environmental responsibility. Clothes emerge with bright whites, vibrant colors, and with 99.95% of all solvents removed.

All of ewash stores are exclusively equipped with world class machinery and latest technology which also develops the quantum controls and processes.